Rites of Passage: Skillfully Guiding Girls to Womanhood & Boys to Manhood


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Week 1
How to Plan a Rite of Passage Ceremony
DeAnna L'amIn this 100% PRACTICAL CALL DeAnna guides you through the essentials of ceremony, and helps you plan a meaningful and empowering Rite of Passage for your daughter or son. DeAnna highlights unique aspects of adolescents’ needs, moods, and aspirations, and show you how to meet your unique adolescent in this time of transition.

Getting Through to Any Teen You Care About
Josh ShippJosh Shipp had a traumatic childhood. Abandoned at birth, thrown into many different foster homes. Abused, Addicted, and Suicidal... Josh KNOWS what it means to be a teen in trouble. This all changed when one adult got THROUGH to him. Josh explains how you can get through to that teen you care deeply about.

Teaching Kids to Be Good People
Annie FoxAnnie Fox gives you strategies for infusing your parenting with lessons about emotional intelligence, ethics, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, a big picture view of life, and social courage. A tall order(!) which Annie addresses with warmth and humor.

Community, Nature and the Sacred in Rites of Passage
Lorene WapotichLorene Wapotich believes that today's youth need rites of passages that address the fundamental questions they are asking: Where do I belong? What value do I have? What really matters? How can I make a difference? Can I really be myself? Who will see and support me? This conversation focuses on how connection to community, nature, and the sacred meet these basic and important human needs.

Wilderness Torah: Reawakening Earth-based Jewish Rites of Passage
Zelig GoldenSarai ShapiroJudaism today continues ancient traditions of initiation from childhood to adolescence with the Bar and Bat Mitzvah. While Judaism's intrinsic earth-based traditions have been all but lost in the modern world, there is a powerful movement afoot to bring Jewish life and its critical life passages back in harmony with nature's cycles. Join this exploration of how these rites of passage are being reconnected to the natural world.

Week 2
Building A Healthy Relationship with Your Child from Birth
Janet LansburyJanet Lansbury delves into what it means to respect an infant or toddler. When we engage in person-to-person communication, trust natural development, and accept our child's feelings while setting limits with empathy, then a relationship is forged from infancy with the trust and respect that can help us navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of adolescence. It's never too late to parent with respect, but the sooner the better (and easier) life is for everyone.

Vision Quest: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Teens to Honor Their Transition into Adulthood
Alison DeLongMike BodkinMike Bodkin and Alison DeLong of Rites of Passage, Inc. share stories from their many years of guiding young men and women into the wilderness to mark their entry into adulthood. Learn what youth take home with them after their 3-day solo in nature and 9 days in community. Hear reflections of parents being challenged and growing as they support their adolescent children through this transition.

The Noble Youth-El Joven Noble: Crossing the Bridge to an Honorable Adulthood
Jerry TelloJerry Tello speaks about cultures across the world, in which there are protective factors, teachings and traditions that can assist young men and women across the "rites of passage" bridge. Jerry's talk gives an overview of the 4 childhood teachings that prepare youth to cross the bridge. This is what you need to know while your children are young!

Heroic Quest for Boys
Tim WrightAuthor and Boy Expert Rev. Tim Wright shares insights from the Heroic Quest for Boys - a program for 10 to 13 year old boys developed from a faith-based perspective with noted author Michael Gurian.

Inspiring Adolescents to Love Themselves
DeAnna L'amComing of Age Expert DeAnna L'am discusses the essential stepping-stones to welcoming our children into adulthood, emphasizing girls' rites of passage, yet will expand to include men's and boys' experiences. Her aim is to empower parents of both genders to become comfortable with their children's transition into adulthood, and guide them in navigating the Coming-Of-Age journey with ease and confidence.

Illuminating Rites of Passage
Marianne WilliamsonMarianne Williamson, internationally acclaimed author and lecturer, will speak about Rites of Passage from her book, Illuminata A Return to Prayer.

Mothers & Sons - How will your relationship now affect all of his future relationships with women?
Michael Gurian
Author and Gender Expert Michael Gurian shares research from his book, "The Invisible Presence: How a man's relationship with his mother affects all his relationships with women." Michael explains how some bonds between mother & son must stay strong but that others must dissolve in order for a man to become independent and thus a loving and wise partner and father.

Tweens and Teen Girls Speak with DeAnna L'am
DeAnna L'amDeAnna L'am has guided many girls through their Coming of Age experience. She hosts a group of Tween girls in a candid conversation about their experiences. Hear what Tween girls want us to know about what they need from us now.

Transformational Experiences for Youth & Tween & Teen Boys Speak
Tom ShelstadTom Shelstad is an educator and facilitator who specializes in rites of passage for youth. Through wilderness adventures, Tom builds personal awareness, self-esteem, and confidence in adolescents with a deeper understanding of themselves in relationship to others. Learn how to create transformational experiences with the youth in your life. AND hear from Boys, who have journeyed with Tom, sharing their Rites of Passage experiences and what they want us to know about what they need from us now.

Creating A Rites of Passage Experience
Amber KaraAmber Kara is an educator and experienced facilitator of Rites of Passage for youth and families. She will lead you step-by-step through a passage experience.

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